Santa Baby - Lip Scrub *limited edition*

Santa Baby - Lip Scrub *limited edition*

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Our Exfoliating lip scrub helps remove dry, flaky skin cells leaving your lips feeling & looking soft, supple & smooth. 

Our  Santa Baby lipgloss scrub is peppermint scented. 

How To Use : Apply a small amount to clean lips & massage into your lips in circular motions then rinse off with warm water.

Use 2-3 times weekly or as desired. For Best Result use your favorite Shelley's Daughter Beauty lipgloss after each use. We recommended our "Clarity" clear gloss but all of our glosses are infused with nourishing coconut oil & healing vitamin e oil so any of our glosses you choose will work great! 

Size: 20grams jar  

Ingredients: Sugar, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil,

Vitamin E Oil, Flavoring Oil

& Lip Colorant.