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 Question: Where do I enter Promo/Discount codes?

Answer: Promo/Discount codes can be entered at checkout.


Question: Can Discount Codes Be Applied if An Automatic Discount Has Already Been Applied to My Order?

Answer: No, Discount Codes & Automatic Discounts Can Not Be Combined/ Applied to the Same Order. 


Question: Do You Offer Custom Items? 

Answer: No, We Do Not Offer ANY Custom Items. NO Exceptions.


Question: Do You Offer Private Cosmetic Labeling?

Answer: No.


Question: What is The Shelf Life of SDB Gloss?

Answer: Singles Glosses have a shelf life of approximately 6 months, once opened. Gloss Base unopened has a shelf life of about 2 years. 


Question: Where is Shelley's Daughter Beauty Based?

Answer: Shelley's Daughter Beauty is an United States-Based Brand.


Question: Do You Offer Wholesale lipgloss already in the lipgloss tubes?

Answer: No.


Question: Do you ship internationally/worldwide? 

Answer: Yes, Via USPS & UPS Only. Updated As of  9/25/2020.

For More Information Visit USPS.com or UPS.com to check if shipping is available to your region.


Question: How long will my order take to arrive?

Answer: Please Refer Our "Shipping Policy".